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About DustyFish
  • About DustyFish

Photography, Blogs and Random Thoughts from Ben Vincent

Ben Vincent

I've been taking photos all my life, starting with my parents' point and shoot when I was little, to today with my Canon 5D MkII, 7D and more lenses than I care to count. My quest for the perfect photo has taken me from my home town of Bramley in the UK to destinations all over the world. Whether it's capturing a lion's first yawn of the morning in Namibia or shooting the sunset in the Caribbean, there I have been with my camera.

I now live in Seattle and continue my journey, with my wife, Lisa. I've written this website to share each moment in time with my friends, family and anyone who has a passion for the world we live in.

I hope you enjoy my site, if you'd like to contact me or send feedback click here, I'd love to hear from you.


Ben Vincent

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