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My $103.80 Starbucks Order
Today I offered to buy our Dev and Test teams a Starbucks . Little did I know they’d take my suggestion of a “ Iced Single Vente, 7 pump Peppermint, Caramel Sauce Top and Bottom, Light Ice, No whip, Mocha ” seriously! What I ended up with was 28 completely different drinks. It took me 15 minutes to order them and created a twenty person queue behind me. I’ve always wanted to order one of those silly complicated drinks people order, having order 28 today I’ve had my fix.  
Hotmail, The New Busy
Hotmail’s getting a bit of press recently, both TechCrunch and Cnet posted articles today. It’s always nice to see some positive press about something you've been working on for over two years. I also got to see first hand some of the Ads we’ve started to run in Seattle last week. Just as I got back to SeaTac I also heard the radio ad.  
The CalTrain iMuppet
Spotted on Caltrain on Friday…. Looks like you all wasted money on those fancy cases. You could have just put your favourite baseball cap on and slipped it right up there.  
Our Insurance Won’t Cover Volcanic Ash, it’s An Act of God
I’m not really that worried about the volcanic ash that’s currently paralysing the UK’s airspace . Our wedding is in 6 weeks and I’m just presuming the panic will be over with… That fact is though, no matter what insurance we have to cover the flights or the event, we wouldn’t get see a penny. This is what insurance companies call an Act of God or a Force Majeure ! Anyway, I found this image fascinating, I’d love to know what it normally looks like.  
Zuni’s Homemade Roast Chicken
Zuni Café is one of our favorite dining spots in the city. Every time we visit, we unfailingly order the Chicken for Two as soon as we sit down, as it takes an hour’s notice, but totally worth the wait. When Ben’s manager mentioned to him that he’d recently made the Zuni chicken recipe, we immediately decided we were up for the challenge. Part 1 - The Hard Part You have to decide a few days ahead of time.  
Two dives away from my 100th Dive
I guess I should thank Jon Oliver for getting me started. We’d both wanted to start diving but he did the research and we both signed up with Dive Crew in Bracknell to do our PADI Open Water certification. It started in a pool in Bracknell (I really hated diving in a hot pool in a dry suit) and finished with four really boring dives in Horsea Island just outside Portsmouth. I passed my PADI on 22nd September 2002 in some very green murky water:  
Sailing and Diving in the BVI
Last year we went on a week-long sailing trip to Antigua and St. Kitts and had the unfortunate luck of some terrible weather. We were hoping that our sailing trip this year to the British Virgin Islands would have a bit more luck with the weather. Luck was on our side this year and we had a fabulous trip.  

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