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Blogs in the month of Dec 2008
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A Never Ending Flight from Chicago
So you left Lisa and I sitting comfortably in United’s new Business class seats in Chicago. We thought our day wouldn’t have any more problems, little did we know! We boarded the flight at 3.40 and were actually looking at an early departure. But time kept going by and we both finished our first movie and we still hadn’t moved.  
Birthday Gifts from United Airways
So it's my Birthday and Lisa and I are trying to maximise our vacation\holiday time by getting home on Sunday, in time for work on Monday. Travelling on my Birthday isn't my idea of fun but if it means one more day of diving or snowboarding then I'm happy! The good news was Lisa booked dinner with Daniel & Ellie at Zuni Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants. So we had something to look forward to.  
It’s Goose time
It’s my fourth year of cooking Roast Goose for Christmas, my second in San Francisco. Whole Foods gave me a bit of a shock by letting me know last minute that they couldn’t get one. Thanks to Yelp I found Guerra Quality Meats in the ‘Outer’ Sunset. We were pretty lucky because we got the last one!  
Christmas Tree v2008
Well it’s that time again, we’ve down sized a little from last year, just a 7 foot tree this time:  
A Fire Shrimp
We’ve started restocking the fish tank after a couple of deaths… We’ve added another turbo snail, the last one ended up on his back, which they can’t recover from! We were planning to add another cleaner shrimp, but the shop didn’t have any stock but now we have a cool Fire Shrimp:  
Lisa, Will You Marry Me?
Well we've been back for a few days now and we've finally had a chance to look at the photos and put some online . This is a quick preview of the holiday and more will be up in the next few days. Everyone’s been asking about the proposal, so we wanted to get some photos up now. First, let's set the scene, it's sunset on the 6th night of our liveaboard dive trip on the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea:    

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