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Blogs in the month of Jan 2009
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Turning the Silverlight on
I’m always up for learning something new and when it comes to development the best way for me is to add a new feature on That’s why the site is packed full of features, half of which I’m sure only I know about! Silverlight has been usable for about 18 months now and it was time I finally played around with it. Over Christmas I pulled together two simple applications that I think are pretty cool.  
Using WIC & C# to read Windows Live Photo Gallery’s People Tags
In my last posting I talked about how Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) stores People tags in XMP. In this post I’m going to extend the Windows Imaging Component code from Robert Wlodarczyk’s Blog to read the data. The code is pretty simple to use, just make sure you have PresentationCore registered in your project and the System.Windows.Media.Imaging namespace.    
Understanding how Windows Live Photo Gallery’s People Tags are Stored
Since writing tags have been an important part of my workflow. For as long as I can remember I have been using Microsoft’s Digital Image Pro 2006. With the release of the new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG), I took this Christmas the time to switch over and take advantage of some of the cool new features. The most compelling new feature for me is the new people tagging capabilities.  
Windows Live Calendar is out of Beta
Ok so I’m no longer the PM Lead for Calendar but I really enjoyed by 4 months stint on the team and I’m looking forward to the work I’m going to do with them next Wave. So it’s really cool to see the plan I helped build has finally delivered and Windows Live Calendar is no longer a beta product. Here’s the blog post David (the new lead) did today: ------------------------------ Over the past several months, Windows Live Calendar has been in beta. We’ve been experimenting with features, listening to your feedback, and polishing up the service.  
I’m Number 1 on Live Search, Number 2 on Google
I don’t know much about Search algorithms but I do know that they are getting better all the time and sites don’t normally appear high up in the list unless they are meant to. Google uses a method that works out how many sites link to yours, I don’t know how Live’s works. So I’m pretty impressed that I now appear as the first hit on Live Search and the second hit on Google when you search for my name: Live Search:  
Why and how you should switch your ISP Email to Hotmail!
Ok so I work for Hotmail, and this might sound me I’ve been drinking the company kool-aid but hear me out. If you’re using Gmail or Yahoo! then you can also tune out now, I’ll tackle that conversation for another day! But if you’re using a random ISP and you have your own domain name then read on. When I joined 8 months ago I was using an ISP that gave me POP3, IMAP and Web access to my email, that’s pretty good.  
Copying Jpeg Metadata using C# and Windows Imaging Component
It’s a scenario I keep finding myself in, I have two copies of the same photo but I want all metadata changes from one file in the other. For example, I want update my backup with changes I’ve made to metadata but don’t want to touch the source image, or I have the original and a small version of the same file. I haven’t found any reliable way to do this, so I finally sat down and wrote my own using plenty of excellent data on Robert Wlodarczyk’s Blog and the Windows Imaging Component. First, let’s look at the metadata stored in my two files using WICExplorer :    

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