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Blogs in the month of Jan 2010
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Lobster and Foie Gras – OMG!!!
Ben surprised me for my birthday with tickets to see “ Wicked ” followed by dinner at Luce , which he chose based on its recent garnering of 1 Michelin Star. I’d heard great things about the musical, even from guys that hate musicals, and it definitely lived up to expectations.   
Things We Collect
We travel a lot (and long may it continue) and apart from taking thousands of photos, we’ve started to collect a few things. Starbucks Mugs I started collecting Starbucks mugs in Kuala Lumpur and now it’s a little bit addictive. In total I have 38 from over 20 different countries and four continents.    
Getting Started with Fotofly
It’s been about two months since I posted Fotofly on Codeplex and I’ve had plenty of feedback and it’s been download over 100 times! What I haven’t written is a simple introduction on how to use the library. So that’s the aim of this blog. Step 1 – Download the Library First you need to download the DLL (or download the source code and build it yourself): Follow this link to download the DLL and save it somewhere you can reference it from your Visual Studio project.  

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