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Oh Google, where do thou get thy Keywords from?
The traffic to Tassography has definitely increased since I started playing with Search Engine Optimzation (SEO). The Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit has definitely helped me get my head around the common things to fix. Amusingly the traffic to the site continues to be less to do with my Photos and more to do with this Blog ! According to Google’s Webmaster tools I’m appearing in a wider variety of search results now. Which pretty much matches the traffic I get into the site (from all Search Engines, not just Google).  
Mountain Biking in Mammoth Lakes
After our adventure in Kirkwood we were itching to try some more mountain biking. Lisa found Mammoth Lakes on the internet and we quickly realised why Kirkwood was empty. The longest run in Kirkwood was a couple of miles, but in Mammoth they have runs that are more than 8 miles long! For $39/day you get unlimited access to 70+ miles of dirt single-track, with a descent of 3,000 feet from Mammoth's summit!  
Mountain Biking in Tahoe and Kirkwood
Ever since boarding in Whistler I’ve been enamoured by the idea of going to a ski resort in the summer. Last weekend we finally got our act together and went to Tahoe with our bikes (and all our camping gear). After arriving late on Friday night at Emerald Bay State Park camp site, we set out on Saturday to find a gentle introduction. After visiting a bike shop we headed out to the Tahoe Rim Trail . Not really the gentle introduction we were after but there’s nothing like starting in the deep end! Our only problem, my rear brake leaked and there’s not many places on a mountain to get a top up of hydraulic fluid!  
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at the London, New York
We spent the last of our free plane tickets on a holiday weekend to New York .  As soon as we’d decided on NYC, Ben was immediately on the phone to get reservations at Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel .  Earlier this year, we had a dining experience (yep – it’s worthy of that cliché phrase) with Mark and Fiona at Ramsay’s restaurant in Chelsea and were excited to compare. Entering the restaurant was interesting. We checked in at Maze , which is another Ramsay restaurant. We were escorted through the noisy, busy restaurant into a more secluded dining room of about 16 or so tables.  
The 5th Most Popular Photo in the Facebook Bing Competition
Bing is getting plenty of press recently, and one of the most popular features is the home page photos. In partnership with Facebook they’ve started a competition off so people can submit their own photos. I immediately submitted my Sea Nettle Jelly photo from last months visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium . In just one day it’s rocked up to number five in the list! And that’s despite the horrendous cropping that’s happened after I submitted the photo:  
One Computer in Two or More Live Mesh Accounts
I’m a huge fan of Windows Live Mesh and it’s completely revolutionised the way I store my files. When my x300 solid state hard disk died it was a life saver. Whilst I do use Windows Home Server to backup my machine. The backup can still be a few days old.  

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