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Blogs in the month of Jun 2009
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The Very Useful IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit
I’ve done my best to make my site ‘indexable’ by Search Engines but I’ve never really tried to optimise it. Martin Peck got me thinking about it more when I shared my analysis of my IIS logs last year. Back then my referrer list looked something like this:  
Showing Paul and Jacqui around the Bay
Paul & Jacqui had been planning a trip for a while, so it was great to finally see them in San Fran. We took the opportunity to show them around the Bay. I’m not sure what Paul enjoyed the most, cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge or all the local Star Trek sites. I had no idea the Monterey Bay Aquarium was used in Star Trek IV:  
Ireland vs USA Rugby
After my introduction to rugby during the 2008 World Cup, I’d been waiting for an opportunity to see the game in person. The Ireland team was visiting the US for a friendly competition game against the US in Santa Clara this past weekend, so we schlepped down to the South Bay. Ben immediately commented that it was not a proper rugby game since you’d never get such amazing, sunny, warm weather for a rugby game in England. I preferred the hot sun to the cold rain, though.  
Too lazy to visit the Farmer’s Market?
Saturday morning. We should be getting up early to walk or bike over to the Ferry Building to shop for yummy, fresh produce. Yeah right – we’re single and kidless, so we’re sleeping in. The lazy way of getting produce from local farms – be a yuppie and get organic produce delivered straight to your door.  
Windows Live Web Communications Art Exhibition
It amazes me how creative some of my colleagues are. Last Friday we had an Art Exhibition for everyone working on Windows Live ( Hotmail and Calendar ), down in Silicon Valley. I entered five photos, making a total of 37 pieces entered by the team. Everyone was allowed three votes and the winners announced at the end of the day.  

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