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Blogs in the month of Mar 2010
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The Bing Photo of the Day – On TV and Twitter!
Well Friday was pretty cool, lots of really nice comments from friends and colleagues. In addition there was lots of internet activity that I thought I’d share. On TV!!! This is the best part. Unbeknownst to me, my photo was used in a TV segment on Friday as well.  
The Bing Photo of the Day!
Today is a very cool day. There are not many perks to working at Microsoft nowadays but the occasional internal competition is cool. Many months ago I submitted my Sea Nettle Jelly photo for the the Bing Photo of the day contest. Well today it’s been put up for the world to see!  
Arnie Visits The Microsoft Campus
Arnie (aka The Govenator ) had a flying visit to the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus today. He was here to launch California’s Elevate America program. I think I grabbed one of the last seats before it started and was able to take a few photos. Amusingly, Just before he entered I heard one of his protection detail say on his mic “He’s not with me, I thought he was with you”….  
Fotofly PhotoViewer is now available on CodePlex
This week I published onto Codeplex my Silverlight PhotoViewer , my third Open Source Project. Using my Fotofly metadata library , this reusable control displays the photo, people regions and a map of the location. You can use it on your own site to light up all that metadata locked in the file. Here’s what the control looks like.  
Tassography v4.0 Goes Live Using ASP.Net MVC
Late last year I set out to completely rewrite the front end of based on ASP.Net MVC . Well it’s finally done and now available for everyone’s viewing pleasure. As well as changing the underlying code the most important change I made was a switch to an entirely new SEO -friendly URL schema. Gone are all the ugly, impossible to understand /ViewCollection.aspx?c=20100214 because that’s now /photography/2010-02-14-wandering-around-pier-39 . I’ve also refactored my Silverlight controls into cleaner reusable components. One of the aims I had was to release the photo viewer onto Codeplex to complement my Fotofly metadata library . I’m close to finishing this work and hope to have something to share later this week.  

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