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Blogs in the month of Oct 2008
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Where Mountain Bike’s were Invented
In 1979 Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly coined the phrase Mountain Bike after riding the Repack race on Pine Mountain. This weekend Darren persuaded Anton and I for what he termed an easy Mountain Bike Ride on Pine Mountain. Except it really wasn’t easy, it was some of the most technical cycling I’ve done, with some long (30 minute) climbs and some really step descents on fist sized rocks. I guess it was inevitable that one of us would have a tumble and I was the luck one!    
Sorry for the Spam….
Every so often, I’m tired and I do something silly! This time I was trying to fix a broken link in a blog when I accidentally uploaded my test config, used on my laptop, onto! So you will probably have got 4-5 “This Week” postings, most of them with broken links and no images displayed! I’ll try and not do it again!  
Tassography v3 Goes Live…
For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trickling out a couple of changes, which I have now wrapped up into what I’m calling Tassography v3. The site has come pretty popular to the point that I’m getting about 10,000 hits a day on a consistent basis. So hopefully these changes will be some freshness to the site and some new features. New Design I’ve had the same design since I launched Tassography in 2007, so it was time for a refresh.  

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