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Blogs in the month of Oct 2009
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San Francisco Fleet Week 2009
Fleet Week comes to San Francisco once a year and this was my third chance to check it out. In fact, I’d been looking forward to it for quite some time because it’s a great chance to take some really cool photos. On Saturday we found a prime location at Aquatic Park with Kevin & Vivien from work. The weather was a little weird -- typical SF!  
Published in My First Book (Follow-Up)
Since the Photography@Microsoft book was released last week it’s made quite impression. I’m not going to release the actual numbers but it exceed the committee’s expectations on day two! I thought I’d share a couple of the ways it’s popping up across the web: Picked up by Ina Fried at Cnet “… the photos are all amazing.”   and on the front page!  
Dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s v3
Having succeed in getting away from San Fran for Memorial Weekend and 4th July , it was pretty obvious we’d do something for Labor Day Weekend . We made a pretty last minute booking at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood . Despite booking late we also got a great deal at the Marriott in the centre of Hollywood, complete with a Spa which always makes Lisa happy! Having already done the tasting menu (Menu Prestige) at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant's in London and New York , it was natural that we’d do the same again. We’d read a little bit (we’ll Lisa had) about the L.A. restaurant so our expectations had been lowered somewhat. We agreed with the reviews; whilst the food was excellent, there was no comparison between LA and NY or London.  
San Francisco’s Nuclear Missile Battery
On Saturday , after months of trying, we finally visited the SF-88L which is one of the only remaining Nike Missile Batteries in the United States. I say finally because it’s only open the first Saturday of each month and we’d kept finding ourselves double booked for almost a year! SF-88L is one of 280 such sites around the country that housed missiles designed to protect the US from airborne attacks during the cold war. What I didn’t realise was that these are nuclear missiles, five times more powerful than the bomb used at Hiroshima ! The theory was that destroying nuclear missiles inbound to the US would save the country, even if millions would die from the radiation caused by these missiles!  

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