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Blogs in the month of Oct 2010
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Our Barfing Harry Potter Pumpkin
We had a fun social event at work on Thursday, a pumpkin carving competition. Mary and I were teamed together and had only an hour to get something done because we had to leave early for a meeting. Our pumpkin had a huge scare across it, so we initially thought Harry Potter but lacked any other good ideas. So we ended up with a Harry Potter who had had way too much butter beer.    
USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0, is it really ten times faster?
I finally had a chance to try out our Asus 1018P Netbook’s USB 3.0 capabilities. The thought of moving photos around 10 times faster is very appealing. Especially as my backup strategy for our African Honeymoon is the netbook, with it’s upgraded 500GB Seagate Hybrid hard drive and a Toshiba Canvio 1TB USB 3.0 portable Hard disk . Being able to do everything 10 times faster will make everything less time consuming and presumably it’ll use less battery juice per backup as well.  
Lisa in a Battlestar Galatica Flight Suit
I think Lisa appreciated the reaction I had to Starbuck appearing in the Big Bang Theory last week. Howard Wolowitz was fantasizing about Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galatica in a flight suit. After a couple of minutes playing around on the new Xbox Marketplace , she sent me this teaser!!!!  
Four weeks until our Honeymoon
It’s just under 4 weeks until we leave for our Honeymoon, and 2 weeks until we move out of our loft in San Francisco! We’ve got a lot to do before we go, including trying to watch a game in the World Series (The Giants stadium is 500 yards from our loft). Everything’s booked, and our five week trip is going to be awesome. We leave on the 20th Nov, returning to Seattle on Christmas day. In total we’ll fly 25,023 miles, drive 1,335 in an Intrepid Truck and 265 miles in a 4x4.  

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