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Blogs in the month of Sep 2008
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When passing all the tests just isn’t enough….
The fish tank has been going well, perhaps we have a little too much Algae (it drives Lisa up the wall) I’m not certain we have a problem. But anyhow, it was time to give our home chemical testing kit a run for its money. After 3 tests at our Aquarium ( Lucky Ocean in Inner Richmond ) which we ‘passed’, here’s the results of our own test:  
Camping in Salt Point State Park
$11 for Wood and Kindling for the Camping Fire  
A Long Labor Day Weekend in Mendocino and Russia River Valley
Lisa and I got away for our long Labour Day weekend. We started with two days in Mendocino in our luxury room with a sauna, a log fire and a hot tub on our own deck. We stayed at the The MacCallum House Inn.    

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