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Blogs in the month of Sep 2009
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Published In My First Book!
Earlier this year I had my first photo published in a magazine and now I’ve had one published in a book ! Some clever people in the Photography club at Microsoft decided to create a book and donate the profit to our Giving Campaign . I don’t think they realised how much effort would be required because they received hundreds photos and had to plough through every single one to pick the best. And I was fortunate to be chosen! You can see a preview of the book here .  Look on page 117 to see my Jelly photo taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium :  
Kylie’s Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds
For those of you who pay any attention to the Windows 7 launch, you’ll have seen two amusing ads from Kylie , Microsoft’s four year old ambassador. Kylie is a little kid who is out to make a slideshows using quotes from all the positive Windows 7 reviews ! It started with Kylie’s Good News a few weeks ago and the latest instalment is Kylie’s Conversations . I thought it would be amusing to grab the images and use them on my laptop. It turns out this was a great idea because people immediately started commenting and asking where I got them from! It really wasn’t complicated to use the Windows 7 Snipping Tool and YouTube but I thought I’d share them on my blog for people’s amusement (and so you proudly use them to). Kylie’s Good News  
My First Hotmail Release
In February I moved over to the Hotmail team and along with owning Mobile Hotmail & Calendar, I’m also the project manager for the entire Hotmail UI team. So it’s exciting to see our first milestone start to get deployed, just as we start coding our second. Here’s a repost of the blog posted on Live Wire made earlier today.  
Fracturing My Rib in Mammoth Lakes
After our first trip to Mammoth we were eager to go again. So we persuaded Andrew (who really didn’t need any persuading to be honest) to make the most of his temporary bachelor time and join us. So we headed out on Friday after work and arrived just in time to grab a pint before heading to bed. We made an early start (well early for me - I think having kids may redefine my definition), grabbed some passes and headed up the mountain.  

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