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View Image It’s my fourth year of cooking Roast Goose for Christmas, my second in San Francisco. Whole Foods gave me a bit of a shock by letting me know last minute that they couldn’t get one. Thanks to Yelp I found Guerra Quality Meats in the ‘Outer’ Sunset. We were pretty lucky because we got the last one! Speaking of Guerra, we’ll be going back there because they can get Belly Pork (or Pork Belly as American’s call it) and Kidneys (Veal ones; Lamb only came in 10lbs boxes!). Normally I cook the Goose just like I do Roast Chicken but this time I went for something different. Having recently watched Gordon Ramsay Cooks Christmas DVD, we went for a Orange\Lemon\5-Spice rub, and I must say it was pretty damn good. Lisa actually said it was nicer than last year, and had extra gravy, despite the fact that she knew it was thickened using Goose Liver! You can see the recipe for yourself here: Ellie, Daniel, Ilya, Senait and Shan joined us and we washed it down with 7 bottles of wine\port, which I always think is the perfect person to bottle ratio! We went a bit mad on photos, but I’ve been able to pick out a few nice ones: We’re off to St Louis tomorrow and I’m sure there will be plenty of photos to blog about early next year, Merry Christmas

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