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My Grandma’s Recipe for Marmite Egg
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  • My Grandma’s Recipe for Marmite Egg

I remember when I was young how fun it was to go to my Grandma’s house. She was an excellent cook, and having been bought up in the war years she had learnt to be a frugal cook. One of our favourite inventions was Marmite Egg. It was probably the first thing I learnt to cook, so in her memory I thought I’d share the recipe. And I guarantee I’ll get the usual Love or Hate reaction.
Ingredients: 2-3 Eggs, Bread and Marmite

In America you have to carefully choose the bread. As most of the bread contains sugar it tends to be too sweet for this. I’ve found thick French Bread is the best substitute for plain old English bread.
View Image
Beat the Eggs in a Bowl. View Image
Cut the bread into reasonably thick slices. Spread with your desired amount of Marmite. View Image
Soak the bread in the egg, turning to make sure you have coated both sides. View Image
Preheat a frying pan with a liberal amount of vegetable oil. Ideally when you place the bread in the pan it should crackle.

Cook on both sides until the egg is cooked and the bread has crisped up.
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Serve on a plate, with a nice glass of cold milk. View Image

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