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Published in My First Book (Follow-Up)
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  • Published in My First Book (Follow-Up)

Since the Photography@Microsoft book was released last week it’s made quite impression. I’m not going to release the actual numbers but it exceed the committee’s expectations on day two!  I thought I’d share a couple of the ways it’s popping up across the web: Picked up by Ina Fried at Cnet
“… the photos are all amazing.” 
and on the front page! CNet Cover Story
Promoted on the Publishers Website
“The photography in the book is spectacular - this is truly an incredible collection…”
Mentioned on United Ways Site (the charity all donations are going to)
“All the photos are really, really incredible…” “
#1 Best Seller on the Publishers Website
Blurb Best Seller 
Now the 7th Hit on Bing for “Microsoft Photography”
7th Hit on Bing It looks like Google doesn’t index quite as much of the web as they say they do because I can’t find it on the first 5 pages!

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