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Every so often, I’m tired and I do something silly! This time I was trying to fix a broken link in a blog when I accidentally uploaded my test config, used on my laptop, onto! So you will probably have got 4-5 “This Week” postings, most of them with broken links and no images displayed! I’ll try and not do it again! On a positive note, Lisa and I have booked two great holidays. A little over two weeks in Australia over Thanksgiving, we’re making the most of the break and going diving for 7 days and touring for the rest of the time. Then in February we’re meeting up with the Microsoft Sailing Club for a week of sailing from Antigua to St Barts and back again, hopefully with a few days diving as well. I’m also going to post the San Francisco Fleet Week photos later this week. So hopefully the next few postings will be a little more constructive! View ImageView Image

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