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The Bing Photo of the Day – On TV and Twitter!
Well Friday was pretty cool, lots of really nice comments from friends and colleagues. In addition there was lots of internet activity that I thought I’d share. On TV!!! This is the best part. Unbeknownst to me, my photo was used in a TV segment on Friday as well.  
The Bing Photo of the Day!
Today is a very cool day. There are not many perks to working at Microsoft nowadays but the occasional internal competition is cool. Many months ago I submitted my Sea Nettle Jelly photo for the the Bing Photo of the day contest. Well today it’s been put up for the world to see!  
Fotofly PhotoViewer is now available on CodePlex
This week I published onto Codeplex my Silverlight PhotoViewer , my third Open Source Project. Using my Fotofly metadata library , this reusable control displays the photo, people regions and a map of the location. You can use it on your own site to light up all that metadata locked in the file. Here’s what the control looks like.  
Oh Google, where do thou get thy Keywords from?
The traffic to Tassography has definitely increased since I started playing with Search Engine Optimzation (SEO). The Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit has definitely helped me get my head around the common things to fix. Amusingly the traffic to the site continues to be less to do with my Photos and more to do with this Blog ! According to Google’s Webmaster tools I’m appearing in a wider variety of search results now. Which pretty much matches the traffic I get into the site (from all Search Engines, not just Google).  
The 5th Most Popular Photo in the Facebook Bing Competition
Bing is getting plenty of press recently, and one of the most popular features is the home page photos. In partnership with Facebook they’ve started a competition off so people can submit their own photos. I immediately submitted my Sea Nettle Jelly photo from last months visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium . In just one day it’s rocked up to number five in the list! And that’s despite the horrendous cropping that’s happened after I submitted the photo:  
I’m Number 1 on Live Search, Number 2 on Google
I don’t know much about Search algorithms but I do know that they are getting better all the time and sites don’t normally appear high up in the list unless they are meant to. Google uses a method that works out how many sites link to yours, I don’t know how Live’s works. So I’m pretty impressed that I now appear as the first hit on Live Search and the second hit on Google when you search for my name: Live Search:  

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