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One lump or two?
26 November, Friday afternoon; Cape Town, South Africa. On our Australian trip, we had high tea one afternoon at our hotel and I was hooked, even though I’m not really a tea drinker. There is something so civilized about sitting down and taking a break from the day with tea, finger sandwiches, scones and cakes. We went searching for a hotel that served afternoon tea.  
Cider, Coke and Clown Fish
24 November, Wednesday; Cape Town, South Africa. Thinking that we got a great start on the morning (for us…we don’t have kids and like to sleep in!), we arrived at the Robben Island visitor’s center at 9:30am to be told that they were sold out for the next 5 days. Bummer, but I guess that just means we have a built-in excuse to visit Cape Town again! After a leisurely stroll around the waterfront and marina, we stopped to enjoy a cider before heading to the aquarium.  
Lisa eats (and enjoys) sushi
24 November, Wednesday; Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve never been a big fan of sushi. I like sushi restaurants, but I seldom order raw fish. I’ve been extending my tastes, though.  
Cape Point 2002 & 2010
It’s not often that you get to compare two photos of yourself 8 years apart. When we visited Cape Point yesterday I was suddenly reminded of a photo Tracey took of me back in 2002. So Lisa kindly did the honours and now we have me in 2002 and me in 2010. Spot the difference?  

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