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Home Made Lincolnshire Sausages
Having watched the abysmal England game, we decided to make good use of the early morning and make some sausages. Specifically Lincolnshire sausages , which are our favourite, and impossible to buy in San Francisco. Armed with our new KitchenAid Mixer, we set out to try the relatively simple recipe: Ingredients 2.5 kg Pork, half fat half lean (5 lb) 400g Day old bread (15 oz) 50 Gram Salt (2 oz) 10 Gram Pepper (6 oz) 10 Gram Dried sage (6 oz) Directions Cut the pork into small cubes.  
Zuni’s Homemade Roast Chicken
Zuni Café is one of our favorite dining spots in the city. Every time we visit, we unfailingly order the Chicken for Two as soon as we sit down, as it takes an hour’s notice, but totally worth the wait. When Ben’s manager mentioned to him that he’d recently made the Zuni chicken recipe, we immediately decided we were up for the challenge. Part 1 - The Hard Part You have to decide a few days ahead of time.  
Too lazy to visit the Farmer’s Market?
Saturday morning. We should be getting up early to walk or bike over to the Ferry Building to shop for yummy, fresh produce. Yeah right – we’re single and kidless, so we’re sleeping in. The lazy way of getting produce from local farms – be a yuppie and get organic produce delivered straight to your door.  
My Grandma’s Recipe for Marmite Egg
I remember when I was young how fun it was to go to my Grandma’s house. She was an excellent cook, and having been bought up in the war years she had learnt to be a frugal cook. One of our favourite inventions was Marmite Egg. It was probably the first thing I learnt to cook, so in her memory I thought I’d share the recipe.  
Cooking the Perfect Roast Beef
Every time I go back to the UK, I always ask my Dad to cook Roast Beef. Ever since my University days, I’ve been able to cook damn good roast chicken, but I always avoided even attempting to do beef. When we visited in March, Lisa got hooked as well, so it was finally time to bite the bullet and learn how to do it. Since we got back we’ve had it three times, and each time it was excellent!  
It’s Goose time
It’s my fourth year of cooking Roast Goose for Christmas, my second in San Francisco. Whole Foods gave me a bit of a shock by letting me know last minute that they couldn’t get one. Thanks to Yelp I found Guerra Quality Meats in the ‘Outer’ Sunset. We were pretty lucky because we got the last one!  
Camping in Salt Point State Park
$11 for Wood and Kindling for the Camping Fire  

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