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Diving in Pemba
Sometime in December; Pemba Island, Tanzania. We knew we wanted to do some diving on our honeymoon, especially as it will include Ben’s 100th dive. We spared our divemaster the pain of doing what is apparently a tradition for dive 100 whereby you dive naked. Ben was surely glad to be informed that the water was cold enough that he’d have to wear a wet suit.  
Two dives away from my 100th Dive
I guess I should thank Jon Oliver for getting me started. We’d both wanted to start diving but he did the research and we both signed up with Dive Crew in Bracknell to do our PADI Open Water certification. It started in a pool in Bracknell (I really hated diving in a hot pool in a dry suit) and finished with four really boring dives in Horsea Island just outside Portsmouth. I passed my PADI on 22nd September 2002 in some very green murky water:  
Sailing and Diving in the BVI
Last year we went on a week-long sailing trip to Antigua and St. Kitts and had the unfortunate luck of some terrible weather. We were hoping that our sailing trip this year to the British Virgin Islands would have a bit more luck with the weather. Luck was on our side this year and we had a fabulous trip.  
Turning the Silverlight on
I’m always up for learning something new and when it comes to development the best way for me is to add a new feature on That’s why the site is packed full of features, half of which I’m sure only I know about! Silverlight has been usable for about 18 months now and it was time I finally played around with it. Over Christmas I pulled together two simple applications that I think are pretty cool.  
Lisa, Will You Marry Me?
Well we've been back for a few days now and we've finally had a chance to look at the photos and put some online . This is a quick preview of the holiday and more will be up in the next few days. Everyone’s been asking about the proposal, so we wanted to get some photos up now. First, let's set the scene, it's sunset on the 6th night of our liveaboard dive trip on the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea:    

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