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Simba Sightings in the Serengeti
22 December, Wednesday; Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Ben explained to me before we left about how close we would be able to get to the animals on our game drives. I didn’t really believe him; I thought he was exaggerating a little bit. He was right, though.  
Safari, Lodge Style
20 December, Monday; Lake Manyara, Tanzania. It was not difficult to leave Zanzibar this morning, for we had already fallen in love with Pemba, not Zanzibar. Plus, we were looking forward to our safari on mainland Tanzania. Ben played dumb with the check in agent and got us out of having to pay for extra weight.  
Nelly the Elephant and a Lake Swim
4 December, Saturday; Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda. We survived the night on Hippo Hill with no incidents. After breakfast, we had a game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park. On today’s menu – lots more elephants and some scared warthogs (thus, no photos of the little buggers).  
An Elephant Crossing
3 December, Friday; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. On our drive back to camp after the boat tour, we were stopped along the way due to a herd of elephants crossing the road. The locals were not very impressed and tried their best to scare them off with stones. The Elephants had other ideas and actually created their own smoke screen with the dirt to hide the baby’s as they crossed.  
Hungry, Hungry Hippos
3 December, Friday; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. After settling in at our camp on Hippo Hill, we drove through Queen Elizabeth National Park and encountered a large herd of elephants, which are magnificent creatures.   

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