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We’re not in Africa anymore
25 December, Saturday; Not in Africa. I am leaving Africa with mixed emotions. While I loved our time here and have added to my list of more places  in Africa to visit (Mombasa; Kenya; Namibia; Botswana; Mozambique; Congo – is that even possible right now?; others), but I’m also ready to get back to the Western world where I know a flush toilet is around every corner. I can tell we’re not in Africa anymore as the plane starts to descend into Brussels.  
Travel (un)luck strikes again
27 November, Saturday; Nairobi, Kenya. Many folks know about the bad luck that Ben and I have with travelling. So far the honeymoon has been going well. So far.  
And The Adventure Begins
20 November, Saturday; Seatac Airport, Seattle. It’s finally here. After all of the planning, we can finally enjoy our trip. Some of our last-minute planning involved each of us doing multiple rounds of cutting down our packing list.  
Four weeks until our Honeymoon
It’s just under 4 weeks until we leave for our Honeymoon, and 2 weeks until we move out of our loft in San Francisco! We’ve got a lot to do before we go, including trying to watch a game in the World Series (The Giants stadium is 500 yards from our loft). Everything’s booked, and our five week trip is going to be awesome. We leave on the 20th Nov, returning to Seattle on Christmas day. In total we’ll fly 25,023 miles, drive 1,335 in an Intrepid Truck and 265 miles in a 4x4.  
A Never Ending Flight from Chicago
So you left Lisa and I sitting comfortably in United’s new Business class seats in Chicago. We thought our day wouldn’t have any more problems, little did we know! We boarded the flight at 3.40 and were actually looking at an early departure. But time kept going by and we both finished our first movie and we still hadn’t moved.  
Birthday Gifts from United Airways
So it's my Birthday and Lisa and I are trying to maximise our vacation\holiday time by getting home on Sunday, in time for work on Monday. Travelling on my Birthday isn't my idea of fun but if it means one more day of diving or snowboarding then I'm happy! The good news was Lisa booked dinner with Daniel & Ellie at Zuni Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants. So we had something to look forward to.  

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