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Diving in Pemba
Sometime in December; Pemba Island, Tanzania. We knew we wanted to do some diving on our honeymoon, especially as it will include Ben’s 100th dive. We spared our divemaster the pain of doing what is apparently a tradition for dive 100 whereby you dive naked. Ben was surely glad to be informed that the water was cold enough that he’d have to wear a wet suit.  
How’s your lift?
19 December, Saturday; Pemba Island, Tanzania. Fundu Lagoon is very coupley. This is not surprising. Nearly everything I’ve read about the place talks about honeymooners and the place was most definitely filled with honeymooners when we visited.  
Still on Safari?
Sometime in December, no clue what DOTW; Pemba Island, Tanzania. When we booked our time at Fundu Lagoon on Pemba Island, we were expecting a break from safari. We knew that the resort was a bit rustic, but we hadn’t given much thought about wildlife that we might encounter on Pemba. In our first 24 hours, we were visited by  
OMLG, What a difference a day makes
13 December, Monday; Fundu Lagoon, Pemba Island, Tanzania. We had twelve hours of travel today and it was worth every second to get here. Picture this – a private boat ride to our resort that currently has ten current guests, three bars, pool, spa, dive shop, open-air restaurant and a seemingly endless stretch of beach looking out onto an azure sea. More importantly – our own private suite to celebrate our honeymoon in style.  

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