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Stuck at Nairobi airport for Christmas Eve
24 December, Friday; Nairobi Airport, Kenya. After our amazing time in the Ngorongoro Crater it was time to start our very long journey home. First, to Arusha and a stop at Good Earth Tours headquarters where we were able to take a shower. I was glad that I didn’t have to board the plane after being in the 4x4 with the top off for hours on dusty roads.  
2,500 Miles of Drive By Shootings
We covered over 2,500 miles by road in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Along the way there was plenty of interesting, and quite often amusing sites to keep me and my camera entertained. What can you carry on your head? Not pictured here is the woman Lisa saw in Rwanda carrying a 3-seater wicker couch on her head!  
The End of One Adventure
12 December, Sunday; Nairobi, Kenya. Today was both a sad and happy day. On one hand, I am sad to leave this group of people and our overland adventure. On the other hand, I’m excited to be heading to Tanzania.  
Back to Kenya
11 December, Saturday; Eldoret, Kenya. Today we said goodbye to Uganda, a country that really left an impression on me. I hadn’t given it too much thought before the trip, as I was mostly focused on the gorilla trek in Rwanda. The country is fantastically lush, green and beautiful.  
Gorillas, Chimps and Game Parks
29 November, Monday; Nakuru to Eldoret, Kenya. We woke up on a chilly Monday morning and the Baggage Dilemma was ancient history, nearly erased from our memories. We emerged from our tent after a somewhat sleepless night and greeted our travelling mates for the next 2+ weeks. To our luck, they are a fantastic group.  
The Luggage Dilemma
28 November, Sunday evening; Somewhere between Nairobi and Nakuru, Kenya. To a weary traveller, especially one in a foreign country, seeing other travellers leave with their bags while you wait, wondering if yours will arrive, feels like the most agonizing time ever. When it’s the third flight without your bags arriving, it’s three times as agonizing. After spending the day at a cafe at the Nairobi airport, we made our way to the arrivals hall, having to get official passes this time.  
An Afternoon at the Nairobi airport
28 November, Sunday afternoon; Nairobi airport, Kenya. Just how I wanted to spend a day of our honeymoon – hanging out at the airport in Nairobi. And by hanging out, I don’t mean at the Star Alliance lounge being plied with cocktails and snacks. Our bags didn’t show up on last night’s flight and our safari has officially left without us.  
Travel (un)luck strikes again
27 November, Saturday; Nairobi, Kenya. Many folks know about the bad luck that Ben and I have with travelling. So far the honeymoon has been going well. So far.  

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