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Fracturing My Rib in Mammoth Lakes
After our first trip to Mammoth we were eager to go again. So we persuaded Andrew (who really didn’t need any persuading to be honest) to make the most of his temporary bachelor time and join us. So we headed out on Friday after work and arrived just in time to grab a pint before heading to bed. We made an early start (well early for me - I think having kids may redefine my definition), grabbed some passes and headed up the mountain.  
Mountain Biking in Mammoth Lakes
After our adventure in Kirkwood we were itching to try some more mountain biking. Lisa found Mammoth Lakes on the internet and we quickly realised why Kirkwood was empty. The longest run in Kirkwood was a couple of miles, but in Mammoth they have runs that are more than 8 miles long! For $39/day you get unlimited access to 70+ miles of dirt single-track, with a descent of 3,000 feet from Mammoth's summit!  
Mountain Biking in Tahoe and Kirkwood
Ever since boarding in Whistler I’ve been enamoured by the idea of going to a ski resort in the summer. Last weekend we finally got our act together and went to Tahoe with our bikes (and all our camping gear). After arriving late on Friday night at Emerald Bay State Park camp site, we set out on Saturday to find a gentle introduction. After visiting a bike shop we headed out to the Tahoe Rim Trail . Not really the gentle introduction we were after but there’s nothing like starting in the deep end! Our only problem, my rear brake leaked and there’s not many places on a mountain to get a top up of hydraulic fluid!  
I’m now a Published Photographer!
The TransRockies continues to be really good for my fledgling Photography career, I can finally say I’m published! Breathe magazine in Canada has included two of my photos in an article they wrote about the TransRockies in their February 2008 edition:  
Where Mountain Bike’s were Invented
In 1979 Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly coined the phrase Mountain Bike after riding the Repack race on Pine Mountain. This weekend Darren persuaded Anton and I for what he termed an easy Mountain Bike Ride on Pine Mountain. Except it really wasn’t easy, it was some of the most technical cycling I’ve done, with some long (30 minute) climbs and some really step descents on fist sized rocks. I guess it was inevitable that one of us would have a tumble and I was the luck one!    
A Long Labor Day Weekend in Mendocino and Russia River Valley
Lisa and I got away for our long Labour Day weekend. We started with two days in Mendocino in our luxury room with a sauna, a log fire and a hot tub on our own deck. We stayed at the The MacCallum House Inn.    
TransRockies (Stage 6-7 & The End)
Well that’s it, Darren and Jackie have finished and we’re all back to the day jobs. I’ve just uploaded photos for Stages 6 & 7 and a few more highlights for the rest of the week: Darren & Jackie finished, just as they started, 21st in the Open Mixed competition, out of 30. I think they are both relieve it is over but I suspect they’ll be looking for a new challenge soon! Whilst waiting for them at the finish line, one of the girls I got to know in the support group had a bit of a surprise!  
TransRockies (Stage 5)
After my flying visit to the Internet cafe, it turned out that our ‘Campsite’ for the night has free Wireless access :) So I’ve uploaded some more photos in Darren & Jackie’s adventure: I’ve also started off a separate Album for other teams I’ve taken photos of this week: The fast driving was worth it because I finally managed to get Jackie and Darren crossing the finish line:  
TransRockies (Stage 4 & 5)
Once again I find myself at a coffee shop, I think they must be replacing Internet cafes as the place to get online! Darren and Jackie had an excellent Stage 4, they came in 17th in the Open Mixed group with a time of 7 hours 14 minutes. That’s up from 21st place and they are now 126th overall! Another few days like this and they’ll be in the top half, which is really their aim, well at least Darren’s, I think Jackie will just be very pleased to finish and not come in after the cut off times!  
TransRockies (Stage 2 & 3)
I’m back in the same Internet cafe, and I’ve uploaded photos from the end of stage 2 and start\finish of stage 3: Darren & Jackie have had a much better day, finally some real biking and they have pulled back 4-5 places and are now 21st out of 27th Mixed teams. And they only have 20 minutes to make up to get into 22nd place…  Stage 3 was a timed event, so no early morning packing for me. I spent the day taking 850 photos of the riders as they did 40km figure of eight course around the forest.  
TransRockies (Stage 2)
Ok, so I know that I’ve just put up day 1, but I’m taking full advantage of a cafe with wireless whilst I can find one! It’s called the Smoking Water Coffee Co, I guess because the hot spring up the road makes all the streams smoke!  
TransRockies Mountain Bike Race
This week I’m in British Columbia, Canada, helping Darren and Jackie do the TransRockies Mountain Bike Race. Whilst they compete in the ~600km race, I’m driving the Ford Explorer (which is full to the roof), taking photos and catering to there every whim (which usually is just an energy drink). It’s the seventh year it’s been running and Darren had this crazy idea to take part. They’re only on day one and I think Darren would agree, it’s been a little bit tougher than they thought! Here’s how the rest of the week will pan out:  

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