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Tassography v4.0 Goes Live Using ASP.Net MVC
Late last year I set out to completely rewrite the front end of based on ASP.Net MVC . Well it’s finally done and now available for everyone’s viewing pleasure. As well as changing the underlying code the most important change I made was a switch to an entirely new SEO -friendly URL schema. Gone are all the ugly, impossible to understand /ViewCollection.aspx?c=20100214 because that’s now /photography/2010-02-14-wandering-around-pier-39 . I’ve also refactored my Silverlight controls into cleaner reusable components. One of the aims I had was to release the photo viewer onto Codeplex to complement my Fotofly metadata library . I’m close to finishing this work and hope to have something to share later this week.  
Oh Google, where do thou get thy Keywords from?
The traffic to Tassography has definitely increased since I started playing with Search Engine Optimzation (SEO). The Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit has definitely helped me get my head around the common things to fix. Amusingly the traffic to the site continues to be less to do with my Photos and more to do with this Blog ! According to Google’s Webmaster tools I’m appearing in a wider variety of search results now. Which pretty much matches the traffic I get into the site (from all Search Engines, not just Google).  
The Very Useful IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit
I’ve done my best to make my site ‘indexable’ by Search Engines but I’ve never really tried to optimise it. Martin Peck got me thinking about it more when I shared my analysis of my IIS logs last year. Back then my referrer list looked something like this:  
I’m Number 1 on Live Search, Number 2 on Google
I don’t know much about Search algorithms but I do know that they are getting better all the time and sites don’t normally appear high up in the list unless they are meant to. Google uses a method that works out how many sites link to yours, I don’t know how Live’s works. So I’m pretty impressed that I now appear as the first hit on Live Search and the second hit on Google when you search for my name: Live Search:  

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