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The Luggage Dilemma
28 November, Sunday evening; Somewhere between Nairobi and Nakuru, Kenya. To a weary traveller, especially one in a foreign country, seeing other travellers leave with their bags while you wait, wondering if yours will arrive, feels like the most agonizing time ever. When it’s the third flight without your bags arriving, it’s three times as agonizing. After spending the day at a cafe at the Nairobi airport, we made our way to the arrivals hall, having to get official passes this time.  
An Afternoon at the Nairobi airport
28 November, Sunday afternoon; Nairobi airport, Kenya. Just how I wanted to spend a day of our honeymoon – hanging out at the airport in Nairobi. And by hanging out, I don’t mean at the Star Alliance lounge being plied with cocktails and snacks. Our bags didn’t show up on last night’s flight and our safari has officially left without us.  
Air Travel Pet Peeves
27 November, Saturday; SA flight from Johannesburg to Nairobi. Let me preface this by saying that I am guilty of nearly all of these. 1. People who do not queue nicely , specifically at the airport. Really….is it going to be all that different if you are passenger #18 to board vs. #19?  
Bmi and the case of the over taxation!
For the last couple of months Lisa and I have been trying to book our holiday (vacation in American). For various reasons our first few ideas fell through. So then we had the idea to visit the UK for a few days and go to Sharm for some diving. The first problem with this is the fact that bmi and in fact all of Star Alliance don’t allow you to book points across multiple carriers online. So you have to phone them up, which for a complex trip can take anything up to an hour to work out with the agent.  

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