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We Bought a House!
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Well we’ve finally done it, we’re financially committing to each other! We made an offer on a house, and after a couple of rounds, our offer was accepted! Presuming all the financing goes according to plan, we move in on 2nd Feb!
Lot #3 Lake View Lane
Over the last 4 weeks we have been busy customising the house, choosing everything from kitchen cabinets to toilet paper holders! In the meantime the house has been insulated, dry walled and had the exterior painted.
Lot #3 Lake View Lane Our Green Belt The Neighbourhood
Partially Painted Exterior The Green Belt that the house backs onto Our New Neighbourhood
Kitchen, Dinning & Living Room Kitchen, Living & Dining Room Upstairs Balcony
View from the Fridge Kitchen, Living and Dining room dry walled Upstairs Balcony
Double Shower, Double Closet! Master Bedroom Master Bathroom
Double shower, double closet! Master Bedroom Master Bathroom

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